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Our Services with Usui Reiki.

• Reiki Practitioners

• Reiki Therapy

• Distant Reiki therapy

• Reiki Crystal Therapy

• Reiki Massage

• Reiki Distant Healing Therapy

• Chakra Balancing & Unblocking

• Usui Reiki Attunements Level 1, Level 2 & Mastership/Teacher level


What is Reiki?


This is a more difficult question to answer than you might think.  For many people, the first contact they have with Reiki is as a therapy treatment, and this is how it is most commonly described.  The name itself however may be split into two parts Rei = Universal and Ki = Energy; so Reiki as a word describes a universal energy field that permeates everything.  This idea of an all-pervasive force is far from new, and the same idea can be seen in many cultures (especially in the east).  It is given many different names – Ki, Chi, Prana and many others.  Interestingly, western physics now appears to be on the verge of describing this in mathematical form as part of the quantum physics idea of M-Theory, which states that all things are connected by an invisible force.  When you think about it, this shouldn’t be too hard to believe, after all you can’t see gravity or the wind, but no one doubts their existence.  There is an additional dimension which may be ascribed to Reiki, and this is as a philosophical outlook or ‘guide to life’ .  So in answer to the original ‘simple’ question of ‘what is Reiki?’, it may be summed up as a universal energy source, which may be used for therapy purposes; the techniques of which are embedded in a moral and philosophical code.

Dr Mikao Usui