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Make the most of your world...

Tarot & Angel Card Readings.

• Tarot readings about Love, relationships, careers & travel ... etc

• Past Life Tarot Readings

• Taster, Standard & In depth Tarot Readings

• Learn the Tarot Classes

• Combination Card Readings & Psychic Clairvoyance

• Psychic Life Coaching

• Angel Oracle Card readings


Tarot parties.

• Tarot parties are great for that social get together and fun night in or for that surprise office party, Hen night, wedding, birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion in someone's life. We run a mobile service so we can come to you. For more information please contact us to arrange a free consultation.


What are the Tarot?


The Tarot are a deck consisting of 78 cards with pictures and symbols on them, used for divination. They are split between 22 Major Arcana cards (Arcana is a Latin derivative meaning secret or mystery) and 56 Minor Arcana cards. The Tarot is a divination tool to assist in showing people the positive choices they have available in their path and to show how freewill can change our course of direction in life as well as show past and present events which can help shape the choice for a better future and give a deeper understanding of what has been.


Number & Name of the Major Arcana cards (Based on the Rider Waite Card System. Please note: other cards may have different names for some the Major Arcana).

0  The Fool

1  The Magician

2  The High Priestess

3  The Empress

4  The Emperor

5  The Hierophant or The Pope

6  The Lovers

7  The Chariot

8 or 11  Strength

9  The Hermit

10  Wheel of Fortune

11 or 8  Justice

12  The Hanged Man

13  Death

14  Temperance

15  The Devil

16  The Tower

17  The Star

18  The Moon

19  The Sun

20  Judgment

21  The World









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